Undoubtedly the best part of the monthly CSI Homebrew Club meetings is the homebrew competition. On top of getting to try some amazing beers, it give club members a chance to discuss the ingredients and process used in brewing the beer with the brewer.

The competition also gives the brewers a chance to get some valuable feedback on the beer they are sharing. Some club members have very sensitive palates and senses that can really help brewers in defining what is good with the beer and what might need improvement in future brew sessions.

Here are a few links regarding the monthly club competition.

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CSI Competition Scoring Sheet

Competition Calendar & Scoring

Every month at the CSI meetings, a homebrewing competition will take place.  Club members are encouraged to enter one (1) homebrewed entry into the monthly competition. The club member must decide whether the beer belongs in the theme competition (see the list of monthly themes below) or non-theme competition. If the beer is entered into …

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Competition Registration Form

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Competition Results (2015)

Month Theme First Place 7 points Theme Second Place 6 points Theme Third Place 5 points Non-Theme First Place 5 points Non-Theme Second Place 4 points Non-Theme Third Place 3 points January Spice, Smoke, Specialty  Matt Dunigan (19A)  Dave Humes (23/14B)  Ben Sugerman (21B) Darren Stimpfle (16E) Chewie (14B)  Tim Scouten (13F) February Strong Ales …

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Competition Standings (2015)

  Place Brewer Points 1 Ben Sugerman 24 2 Matt Dewese 15 3 Darren Stimpfle 13 4 Dave Humes 12 4  Trevor & Jill 12 5 Brian Ferullo 11 6 Scott Goetzinger 8 7 Matt Dunigan 7 7 Andy Janaitis 7 8 Mike Sherman 6 9 John Wilson 5 9 Chewie 5 9 Ben Schwalb 5 …

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Previous Standing/Results

Here you can see results from previous year’s monthly CSI homebrew club competitions.

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