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Competition Calendar & Scoring

Every month at the CSI meetings, a homebrewing competition will take place.  Club members are encouraged to enter one (1) homebrewed entry into the monthly competition. The club member must decide whether the beer belongs in the theme competition (see the list of monthly themes below) or non-theme competition. If the beer is entered into the non-theme competition, the club member must inform the competition administrator which BJCP beer style category the beer belongs in. Club members can bring additional beers to share with other members in a pre or post-meeting social setting, but only one beer will be allowed for entry into the monthly competition.

Club members submitting entries into the homebrew competition are asked to bring a minimum of one (1) liter of homebrew in order to ensure all members get a large enough sample to provide quality feedback on the submission. Below are some examples of how much beer you would need to bring in various bottle types.

  • Four (4) 12oz bottles, or
  • Two (2) 22oz bottles, or
  • Two (2) 750ml bottles, or
  • Two (2) 1-liter bottle, or
  • One (1) 2-liter bottle, or
  • Any sized growler

This competition will use a blind tasting format.  This means the brewer will registers his/her beer with the Competition Administrator prior to the competition.  This registration can be done onsite at the meeting or prior to the meeting using the registration form.  The advantage of using this form is that you can add information to be shared (tasting notes, recipe, etc) and ask for specific feedback during judging.  It is important that you know the BJCP style category of your beer and note that on the registration form.  The Administrator will label and store the beer before the meeting starts.  We will try to make sure beers are served based on standard flight-tasting practices.  As the beers are poured, any information the brewer provided on the web-based entry form will be read, but the brewer will remain anonymous. Once the score sheets are returned, the brewer will then have the opportunity to talk about the beer and get some verbal feedback. While this is going on, the next beer will be poured, etc.

We have introduced a new judging form, which still relies on the standard 50-point scale, but now includes a variety of check-boxes in which you can gauge a variety of qualities and characteristics.  We hope this will help everyone, both as judges and as the brewer being judged.  A sample form is available below and in PDF format.  The good news is that now there is even more space to scribble your half-drunken comments!

CSI Competition Scoring Sheet

Click Scoresheet to Enlarge

Below you will find the competition calendar for 2013.

2013 Competition Calendar
Month Competition Style BJCP Categories
January Jamil’s California Common (download recipe) 7b.
February Big Beers and Winter Warmers N/A
March Scotch & Scottish Ale and Smoked Beers 9a., 9b., 9c., 9e., 22a., 22b.
April English Ales and Bitters 8a., 8b., 8c.
May Belgian and French Ales 16b., 16c., 16d., 16e.
June Wheat and Wit 15a., 15b., 15c., 16a
July Single Malt and Single Hop (SMASH)
for more information visit BrewersFriend.com
August Kölsch and Amber 6c., 7a., 7b., 7c.
September American Pale Ale and India Pale Ale 10a., 14a., 14b., 14c.
October Lagers and Oktoberfests 1a., 1b., 1c., 1d., 1e., 3a., 3b., 4a., 4b., 4c.,
November Porters and Stouts 12a., 12b., 12c., 13a., 13b., 13c., 13d., 13e., 13f.
December Meads and Ciders 24a., 24b., 24c., 25a., 25b., 25c., 26a., 26b.,
26c., 27a., 27b., 27c., 28a., 28b., 28c., 28d.

Any questions that you may have about the competition may be addressed to the Competition Administrator, Mike Sherman, at the monthly meetings or via email.

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