Great Video Tutorial on Preparing A Yeast Starter

I ran across this awesome video showing a step-by-step “how to” on preparing a yeast starter on the Homebrewers Association website. I watched the video and thought it was a great reference for those (like myself) who are just getting into making yeast starters.

I hope you all find this useful.


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  1. Nice video. A flask is great for yeast starters. I’d like to add the following, though:

    – Using a flask directly on electric stove coils is not recommended, from what I’ve read. You can buy or make something called a “trivet” that elevates the flask off of the electric coil. Gas or ceramic flat top stoves are fine.

    – The airlock – ditch it! The point of a starter is to encourage aerobic yeast growth, not anaerobic fermentation. Get a foam stopper ( or just loosely put some foil over the top. If you don’t have a stir plate, shake the starter every time you walk by to introduce more oxygen.

    – Be careful, as you can boil over really easy in a flask. Add a couple drops of fermcap (foam control), or watch the starter carefully and turn down the heat once it starts to boil.

    – Finally – is that dry yeast? Dry yeast packets (11g) have enough yeast for a single batch, and making a starter isn’t recommended because a small starter will actually deplete the nutrient reserves of the freeze dried yeast.

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