Jan 27

Tickets and Brewing for AHA

Irregulars, I need to get a head count on those who are brewing for the AHA conference. The only other confirmed brewer I have right now is Shawn who is in for a beautiful 10 gallons. I’ll be pitching in at least 10, likely more. Brent’s goal here is to show up with 30 kegs- so we got 26 more kegs to fill. I can help you brew – we can have a big brew event at my place to help create the volume, I have the tools. Be ready for dates by next meeting.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that when the tickets go on sale, you need to get on top of it fast. The expectation is that the conference will sell out on 02/05/13 probably within an hour or so of tickets going on sale. Also BOOK your rooms at the conference rate ASAP after they open that up. Rooms go quick too.

With the conference so geographically close this is no time to “think about it”. The reasons these tickets are so hot is that it’s still a bit of a secret that this event is better than the other thing they do in Denver in the fall.

So plan now and take the time off work … get after it.

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