Bottle Capper Free to Good Home

Description: First come, first served.  I have an extra bottle capper that I’m looking to send off to a good home. It is gently used hand capper that I believe still works just fine.

Here is an image of the bottle capper:

Bottle CapperIn Return: I am looking for nothing in return, however if you have some homegrown hops or beer ingredients you wish to trade in return for the capper, I’d be glad to take them off your hands.

Contact: You can contact me via the “Leave a Reply” section at the end of this page or e-mail me.  Whatever is easier.

Thanks, Brent

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  1. Hello My name is Paul and I just started brewing, in fact I just got a Mr. Beer kit.. I heard positives and negitives about Mr. Beer, but i figure it’s a start. if you have your bottle capper still I would like it if your still wiling to part with it, and if you have any advice or anything else Im more the interested. I have the very basic stuff so far.Fermenting vessle, Carboi, air lock, brush, sanitizer and a few others, so anything i can get my hands on the better.. thank you

    1. Hi Paul,

      You from the Baltimore area? If so and you can make it out to our next meeting, I’d be more than happy to bring the bottle capper with me. We will meet next on Tuesday, January 11th at Mahaffey’s in Baltimore at 7:00pm. E-mail me if you need directions.


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