2012 Club Competition Schedule Available for Comment

Competition Administrator, Ted Wojtysiak, has proposed some changes for the 2012 competition schedule based on feedback from club members. The current schedule has been in place for several years and members have been approaching club officers asking if we could change it up for some of the less popular styles (i.e., vegetable/fruit beers in August and the Northern Brown typically brewed in January). Here’s the proposed schedule.  Note the changed months in bold.

January – Calibration Beer – we will change this to Jamil’s American Pale Ale
February – Big Beers and Winter Warmers
March – Scotch /  Scottish Ales and Smoked Beers (moved from August to the Scotch/Scottish category)
April – English Ales and Bitters
May – Belgian and French Ales
June – Wheat and Wit
July – Single Malt, Single Hop (SMaSH) – find a write up on SMaSH brewing on BrewersFriend.com
August – Kölsch and Amber (moved from July to August)
September – American / India Pale Ales
October – Lagers and Oktoberfests
November – Porters and Stouts
December – Meads and Ciders

Please use the comments area on this post to provide any feedback (positive, negative, or mixed) on the proposal to change the competition calendar for 2012.


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  1. I would like to point out:
    January is a calibration beer month – and not a “clone” beer month. A clone beer can be brought in at any time (and if you want to bring a few of the actual beer – even better!) – just coordinate with me before the competition starts and we can work out how you want the tasting to happen.

  2. Clone wording removed from January. Thanks Ted.


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