October 4 Empty/Fill the Barrel Party

When: Saturday October 4, 4:30 PM – Till you get tired. We will try to eat around 6:30‐ish
Where: The Gough House: 5872 Montgomery Road Elkridge, MD
What to Bring:
 Pot Luck, the Grill will be open for business
 We have two ovens now so that may be of some assistance
 Bring your favorite commercial sour beer
 It might be cool to do a vertical tasting of our older Flanders Red to see how they have come along.
 Barrel Participants Of Course
 Anyone else who loves sour beer. (Families are always welcome, they may leave with new toys)
Group Brew:
If you are interested in doing a group brew Oct 4 to make beer for the barrel, contact Chris Gough
offline and we will put something together. So far there does not seem to be much interest at this time.

Flanders Get Together (Party)

I know there was some confusion about when the whole Flanders gathering kicks off. We would like to have everyone start coming at 4 pm. It would be sort of cool to bring a bottle of commercial Flanders red (they aren’t too expensive) to make it an all around Flanders event. Kids are welcome.

We are going with Pot Luck. Trying to organize food with the brewing folks is like herding cats.

Flanders Update

I’m sampling the Flanders after filling it to the top, I’m guessing it took about 2 or 3 quarts. The beer is quite clear and red. The sourness is very pleasant and quite fruity in the tropical range, still some malt backbone left though. Dry but really refreshing. We got the bugs just right, its not vinegar.

We need to start making plans on what to do next with the Barrel. It would be nice to empty the thing and fill it right up. I suspect we need a barrel tasting party and a empty/fill party.

Tickets and Brewing for AHA

Irregulars, I need to get a head count on those who are brewing for the AHA conference. The only other confirmed brewer I have right now is Shawn who is in for a beautiful 10 gallons. I’ll be pitching in at least 10, likely more. Brent’s goal here is to show up with 30 kegs- so we got 26 more kegs to fill. I can help you brew – we can have a big brew event at my place to help create the volume, I have the tools. Be ready for dates by next meeting.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that when the tickets go on sale, you need to get on top of it fast. The expectation is that the conference will sell out on 02/05/13 probably within an hour or so of tickets going on sale. Also BOOK your rooms at the conference rate ASAP after they open that up. Rooms go quick too.

With the conference so geographically close this is no time to “think about it”. The reasons these tickets are so hot is that it’s still a bit of a secret that this event is better than the other thing they do in Denver in the fall.

So plan now and take the time off work … get after it.

Flanders Red Update

First of all Merry Christmas to all.
I was prepping some beer for the upcoming parties and it was a convent time to top off the barrel. Everything is quite smooth here, with quite a nice sour note that is well balanced with the malt, the beer is crystal clear. A slight thin white pellicle is covering the beer. I would guess I filled it with about another quart or so of fresh beer from Greg’s keg. I would estimate that we still have 3.5 – 4 gallons left in that keg.

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