TurkeyShoot Stewards Needed

TurkeyShoot is in need of a few more stewards. Stewarding is an easy and fun job. All you have to do is bring beers out to the judges and take the score sheets when they are done. The judges will usually let you taste the beers too. A nice lunch will also be provided. You can register as a steward online at http://turkeyshoot.brewcompetition.com/

Changes to Competition Calendar

Please check out the changes to the 2015 Competition Calendar. We’re tweaking things a bit so that the styles in our competition include all the styles that people like to brew. Trevor did some data analysis on the non-theme beers brought to meetings to determine if any styles were frequently brewed but not part of our competition. Turns out, there were!

October 4 Empty/Fill the Barrel Party

When: Saturday October 4, 4:30 PM – Till you get tired. We will try to eat around 6:30‐ish
Where: The Gough House: 5872 Montgomery Road Elkridge, MD
What to Bring:
 Pot Luck, the Grill will be open for business
 We have two ovens now so that may be of some assistance
 Bring your favorite commercial sour beer
 It might be cool to do a vertical tasting of our older Flanders Red to see how they have come along.
 Barrel Participants Of Course
 Anyone else who loves sour beer. (Families are always welcome, they may leave with new toys)
Group Brew:
If you are interested in doing a group brew Oct 4 to make beer for the barrel, contact Chris Gough
offline and we will put something together. So far there does not seem to be much interest at this time.

Upcoming Competitions and Events

Great Frederick Fair comp, FOAM, judging on Sunday 9/7 Deadline to enter is 9/3! To judge, fill out the form linked below.
* Link to enter – here
* Link to judge – here

MD Comptrollers Cup, Guild, Judging on Sunday 9/7, BAM is supplying most of the judges.
* Link to register to judge- here

Zymurnauts/SPBW/Guild Crabfeast, Saturday 9/20, tickets are $40 ONLY UNTIL 9/1, then $45
* Link for tickets – here

Maryland Microbrewery Fest, MHL, Judging on 9/27 – gets you entrance into the festival too
* Link – here

Das Best Oktoberfest homebrew comp. Winners announced at event on 10/11.
* Link – here

Chilibrew 8 – save the date: 10/10, 7pm

The Fear Clone Comp – Flying Dog, Registration starts 8/22, limited to 15. Must purchase/use one of their Fear clone kits.
* Link – here

Malt Turkey Shoot, Sat 11/15. Call for judges was put out but doesn’t appear website is updated yet. Save the date, more details on registration later.
* Link – here


MASHOUT registration ends soon! Get your tickets for at http://campmashout.com/
Everyone should consider going to this, it is unlike any other camping trip out there. Bring beer, bring food, enjoy the live music, participate in the numerous and varied activities, be part of this summer’s best camp out.
This years dates are from August 14th-17th, and the festivities are going to be held on a functioning hop farm near Old Town, MD.


Graduate Student Survey

A group of graduate students at the University of California, San Diego are conducting research on the Home Brewing Market. They obtained our contact information from the AHA website and would like us to participate in a survey by answering a few questions found by following the below link.

Thanks for helping out!